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  1. ​​I was adopted as an infant into a loving family and had a wonderful upbringing.  Still, there was a void in my heart, not feeling a connection to my biological family, and wondering who they might be.

    After my adoptive family passed away, I decided to look for answers.  For 25 years I have been searching and researching.  I even got a court order to obtain my adoption decree and original birth certificate.  The Department of Human Services gave me non-identifying information, but there were discrepancies and confusing information in all the records.   

    Over the years, I have picked up phone books and called people that had similar names.   I have searched hospital, school, and court records, doing everything in my power to make a connection.  It never came until recently, with the help of Marilyn Conner. 

    Marilyn was aware I was getting serious about finding my biological relatives before it was too late.  She suggested I take the DNA test through Ancestry and told me she would help me figure it out.  The DNA results came in after two weeks.  I was excited to see matches, yet I was still in the dark on who these people were and how to connect them. 

    Marilyn took over at this point, reaching out to relatives through Ancestry, Facebook, email and telephone calls.  Within four days, I was talking to my maternal aunt and first cousin.  A few days after that, I was talking to three half-siblings on my birth father's side.  Since then, I have had face to face meetings with relatives on both sides, all of whom welcomed me with open arms.  I truly feel the void in my heart is filled.

    Throughout the process, Marilyn was very sensitive to my emotions, extremely professional, very forthright and open with her suggestions and information, and extremely supportive to me.   I can never truly thank her enough for what she has done for me.

                            Vana Baker
  1. I found all of Marilyn Conner's services to be completely professional and expeditious.  We are very satisfied.


    I have had the privilege of knowing Marilyn for many years and we also worked together briefly where I witnessed first hand her investigative abilities.  She is hard working, very conscientious, extremely detail-oriented, and is quite simply a work horse when it comes to her investigations.  She is highly motivated and will work diligently to locate and obtain the necessary information to assist in any matter.  Because of her professionalism and outstanding work, our law firm continues to use her services.  I would highly recommend Marilyn to anyone needing her investigative services and would absolutely give her 5+ STARS!​​

    Kathy Funck
    Paralegal/Office Manager
    The Handley Law Center

    As a former work colleague of Marilyn's, I can attest to the fact that she is a true professional with a great work ethic and wonderful people skills. Marilyn is knowledgeable, thorough and timely in her work.  She will leave no stone unturned and will produce positive results.

     Jo Ann R.