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I believe everyone has the right to know about their origin and background.  Adoptees are just as entitled as everyone else.  There may have been good reasons for an adoption, but once a person is an adult, he or she should be able to tear down the walls of secrecy and get answers!

When you are adopted, you can't help but feel a void... an emptiness... a loneliness that only you can understand.  It is unlikely these feelings will ever go away until you have the answers to these questions:
Who?     Why?

You probably wonder if your birth parents are still alive and if they would be receptive to a meeting.  Were there other children?  Why were you put up for adoption?  What is your family's medical background?  These are common questions of adoptees. There are a host of reasons why people search for their biological families.   It is my mission to help as many people as I can find their answers.

Perhaps you have received some non-identifying information from the adoption agency and tried on your own to find the birth parents, but became frustrated.  Having a fresh set of eyes to evaluate and analyze the data may be what is needed.  There are several things we can do.  

DNA Testing ​​​​- ​It's the Latest Thing!

​   Helping Adoptees Find Biological Family  ​​ ​​​​

PHASE 1:  This phase begins with a free 30-minute telephone consultation where you tell me what you can about your adoption and your biological family.  If I think I can help you, we move to the next step.

PHASE 2:  A preliminary investigation starts with the information you already have about your birth family.  I have resources only available to private investigators, law enforcement agencies, and other approved entities that aid in my search.  Using my experience as an investigator, genealogist, and paralegal, it may be possible to put together the pieces and identify and locate your biological family during this phase.

PHASE 3:  If  traditional methods of research in Phase 2 do not produce the desired results, I usually suggest you do a DNA test through Ancestry.  I'm sure you have seen their commercials on TV.  Millions of people have already done it, and thousands more do it every month.  Sometimes false or incomplete information is given on a birth certificate.  DNA tests do not lie .    We will find the truth!

Even if your biological mother or father hasn't taken a DNA test --- someone in their family has.   I guarantee it!   It is as simple as spitting in a tube and mailing it in.  Once the results have been processed, I will analyze your family matches and determine who your closest blood relatives are.  Sometimes this requires contacting your DNA matches and asking for their help.  Although I have found direct family in as little as one day, it could take weeks or months. Ancestry's records are constantly updated as new people submit their DNA samples, so not having a close match today doesn't mean there won't be a very close match tomorrow.  Throughout the process, I will monitor your DNA results closely to see if new relatives become matches.  

In Phase 3, I will provide you with a DNA testing kit, making me the temporary administrator of your results.  Once my investigation is complete, the Ancestry account will be turned over to you to manage however you wish.  You do not have to become a subscribing member of Ancestry unless you want to do further genealogy research.  If you have already submitted a DNA test to Ancestry and need help interpreting the results, I can help with that, too.  

I have been doing genealogy research for 20 years, without the help of DNA testing.  In the last two years, everything has changed!  Other companies offer DNA testing, but my experience is with Ancestry, and that is the company I prefer to use.  Most professional genealogists prefer Ancestry as well.

Once a member of your biological family is identified and located, what next?​​

It is my practice to proceed with caution.  First, I do a limited background check on the immediate family, reporting my findings to you.  This gives you the opportunity to choose how to proceed.  If you decide you want to go forward, you could make contact with a family member.  If that frightens you, I am happy to make the initial contact on your behalf to break the ice and see what the reaction will be.  Hearing from a child that was given up for adoption, or that a person knew nothing about, can be a real shock at first.  After the initial shock wears off, that person could change his/her mind and decide to help.  This can be an emotionally challenging experience, regardless of the outcome.  Therefore, y ou must be prepared for rejection or disappointment.

On the other hand, it is possible a birth parent has been looking for you, too, and would be delighted to make contact.  Although I cannot guarantee positive outcomes or reunions, I guarantee I will do everything possible to make it happen for you.

Beginning a search for biological famiy may seem scary at first, but finding answers to lifelong questions can be very therapeutic.  I will be there for support and encouragement along the way.  Together, we can do this!



Are you a birth parent looking for a child?  I can help with that, too.  The process works just like Phases 1, 2, and 3 above.  Call me and let's talk about it.

Are you unsure of a biological parent?  DNA testing can reveal the truth.  

All cases are handled in a confidential manner.

(At this time, I am only taking cases involving U.S. adoptions or U.S. parentage).

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